Spring Favorites 2018

          Since I haven’t blogged in a little while, I decided to put together a little post about some of my favorite things from Spring.  It’s kind of a post version of the common YouTube video trend.  I will link whatever items I can.  
          I love this pair of sunnies.  This is my favorite style of sunglasses because I think they look best on my face shape.  I’m not sure what brand these are because they don’t say anywhere on them, but they came from Marshall’s.  I’m sure you have notice that they have been in a lot of my recent posts, including a lot of other things from this post.  You can’t tall but they have gold metal at the top of the frame.  It makes them look so much more expensive then they were.  

Perfume: Sephora

          I am in love with the new Marc Jacobs fragrance, Daisy Love.  Daisy Marc Jacobs has always been my all time favorite scent but I actually think I like this one more.  I got these samples when I was shopping in Santa Monica.  I’ve decide that I want this to be my wedding day perfume.  I really want to buy the full size bottle eventually.  

          I’ve had this necklace since I was little.  I got it as a gift from a relative because opals are my birthstone.  They also happen to be my favorite stone.  I rediscovered this necklace recently and I can’t stop wearing it.  

Bag: Topshop

          I have been loving this wicker bag.  It’s from Topshop.  I got it at the beginning of the season.  It fits a surprising amount in it and doesn’t pop open.  I just really love how it looks.  

          I know it’s weird to include food in this video but I don’t care.  I discovered this jam from Trader Joe’s recently and it is so good.  I absolutely love raspberries so maybe that’s why I love it so much.  I’ve been eating a lot of PB & J’s lately and it’s making me feel like a kit again.  Actually we are going on a trip this weekend to Big Sur and we are bring it along!


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