Style Diary 1


          Hey Friends and Followers,
I felt like posting something a bit different today.  I wanted to talk about some of my personal style thoughts.  A few days ago when I was at my internship, I was thinking about where my obsession with fashion began.  I think I first started to really pay attention to clothing when I was in elementary school.  I loved Mary-Kate and Ashley movies.  I mainly watched the mystery movies.  They used to wear the cutest clothes.  I remember trying to recreate some of their outfits.  Then when I was in late elementary school and middle school I discovered Limited Too.  I previously liked clothes, but didn’t really care about style until then.  From there, it developed into an obsession.  I watched a lot of Lizzy McGuire.  I was inspired by her style.  I though it was interesting how she wore things that were a little bit out of the ordinary.  She mixed prints before it was even a “thing.”  I used to read a lot of fashion magazines in High School, and still do.  A lot of spreads in Teen Vogue embody that same kind of unusual pairing of pieces.  I used to try to come up with different combinations of outfits that were a little bit unexpected.  Sometimes they were really cool and sometimes I just looked crazy.  After thinking about fashion more I have realized that it isn’t so much appearance that I love, but the clothes themselves.  It’s the fabrics and silhouettes that really interest me.  It’s the little details that I adore.  I love the beauty of texture and patterns, along with fit.  That’s probably why I never really cared much about other aspects of appearance, like makeup.  This is also why I chose to concentrate on fashion design rather than another facet of the fashion industry.

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