StyleWe for Fall

Off-Shoulder Blouse
Striped Shift Dress
Lace A-Line Dress
Asymmetrical Mini Skirt
Cropped Jacket
I have selected some of my favorite items from StyleWe.  I love each of these items and I think they would be perfect for autumn.  
1.  Let me start with the backpack.  It’s super cute!  The gold ears make it look like a black cat, which is perfect for Halloween time.  I love black cats and have always wanted one so whenever I see something with a black cat on it, I am drawn to it.  
2.  The next item is this amazing top.  it’s made from this sheer black fabric and has a subtile pattern.  I really love the off-the-shoulder style.  I feel like this would be perfect for a warmer fall day or going out.  
3.  This next dress just looks super casual, cool, and comfortable.  I feel like this is one of those pieces that you would be able to style a ton of different ways.  
4.  This navy dress is really pretty.  I always love lace and I think this lace is especially pretty.  It’s great for fall because of the color and the long sleeves, obviously.  
5.  I just think this wrap skirt looks really pretty.  I love how it is outlined with black.  I think it looks really cool with the asymmetrical style.  
6.  This jacket looks very chic and expensive.  I feel like it looks like high quality.  It’s one of those items you won’t find anywhere else.  It’s super unique.  


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