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Styling a Purple Jacket

Tahari Jacket
Gazebo overlook
Purple Coat
Spikey boots

JACKET: Tahari  |  JEANS: Target  |  BOOTS: Circus by Sam Edelman  |  SUNGLASSES: Target (available in store)  |  BAG: Forever 21

          I got this purple jacket last year at a Nordstrom Rack sample sale.  I absolutely love the color and style.  It’s very casual feeling because it has kind of a laid-back style to it.  It doesn’t have any closures and makes me feel like I am wearing a robe.   I feel like it is so nice to just have to throw on when you are chilly.  I don’t wear it too often though because it is slightly too large and a bit itchy if I am wearing short sleeves.  Also, for some reason I just kind of overlook it.  I feel like I will be wearing it a bit more now though because I kind of rediscovered it.  You know when you just forget about something in your wardrobe? 

          It can be a bit tricky to style because of the color.  Obviously it is purple and not a neutral color.  I guess that means I can wear it with other neutral colors or more complementary ones.  I do wear a lot of color.  Many items I own would clash with this coat.  I decided to play it safe with this outfit and wear these dark skinny jeans and a light sea foam sweater.  I feel like it works because it’s a few pops of color but isn’t too over the top.  Also, I really love sea foam and purple together.  It’s one of my favorite color combinations.  Do you have any bright colored coats? If so, how do you style them?


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