Japanese arch
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Styling Statement Earrings

Japanese arch
star earrings
by statue in garden

T-SHIRT: H&M  |  JEANS: Asos  |  SHOES: Lulu’s  (similar)  |  CARDIGAN: Forever 21 (super old)  |  BAG: Coach  |  SCRUNCHIE: Blossom Brigade  |  EARRINGS: T.J. Maxx

          I got these earrings for Christmas this past year and haven’t worn them yet. I finally got around to wearing them the other day.  I wasn’t really sure how to style them and it’s difficult to wear them with a mask because they are so large.  I still love them though.  I just feel like they are really unique.  I decided to style them with a pretty basic outfit.  I just wasn’t in the mood to feel dressed-up that day.  I wore my hair up in a ponytail because I have been making scrunchies for my Etsy shop and wanted to wear one of the ones I made for myself.  Wearing my hair up really allows the earrings to show more, obviously.  

          These photos were taken at the Japanese garden at Kenneth Hahn State Recreation park.  I’ve taken many photos at this park in the past year.  It’s nice because there are a lot of different areas.  There are tons of options for photos or just recreation in general.  It’s free to get in on weekdays and allows dogs, which is the best of everything.  

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