Summer Floral

SKIRT: Target  |  T-SHIRT: Forever 21  |   SANDALS: H&M  |  SUNGLASSES: Asos
          I found this skirt in the sale section at Target the other day.  It kind of reminds me of like 2009, but I think it’s cute anyway.  I really like the colors of the floral.  I needed another casual skirt to wear this summer and it was only $6!  I love going to stores that have fast-fashion and searching through the sales sections.  I feel like trends change so fast and the clothes are so cheap, they normally aren’t worth paying much more than sale prices.  You also aren’t 100% supporting fast-fashion if the store is hardly making anything off of the item.  Right now I am at this place in my life where I don’t like shopping at retailers like that but I can’t really afford not to, so I just buy things that are really well made or on super clearance.  


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