Summer Swimwear

          These are some of the swimsuits I have been eyeing/lusting over for summer.  Sorry, the quality of the image isn’t the best.  I had issues.  As you can tell, I really love color and pattern.  I especially love floral.  I’m sure you know that by now.  The first suit is the one that I have chosen to get this season.  I have found it to be absolutely perfect.  The beautiful floral and scallops make it a bit rare.  I’ve never seen one quite as pretty, in my price range.  It’s by Ted Baker.  The rest of the suits are by other various designers/brands; pink-Marysia Swim, patterned-Mara Hoffman, flamingo-WILDFOX, landscape-We Are Handsome, halter- Zimmermann, one-piece with straps-Maaji, floral one-piece-Ted Baker, highwasted-Topshop, frilly-Zimmermann, and outlined in black-Triangl.  Just wanted to share a few of my faves.

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