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    RIHOAS Clothing Review

              If you remember, I recently posted a RIHOAS wishlist on my blog.  Two of the items that really stood out to me are this long sleeve top and the pink sweater.  I chose to wear this floral see-through top to a botanical garden recently.  It was a chilly day but also sunny.  I wanted to wear something that I wouldn’t be too hot or too cold in.  This was perfect.  I originally got this for layering underneath cardigans and sweater vests.  I also have a skirt that I got for my birthday that I think this top would go perfectly with.  It’s a rusty colored…

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    Midi Dress for Easter

    DRESS: Lulu’s  |  SANDALS: Walmart  |  SUNGLASSES: Glik’s  |  BAG: Coach            This year for Easter I wore this fun midi dress.  Even though it’s not pastel colored or floral it reminds me of spring.  It makes me think of a picnic blanket, because of the plaid.  I try to wear a dress every year for Easter.  If you are going to dress up for any holiday I feel like Easter is the best one to because spring to me says “pretty dress.”  I wore this dress last year for Thanksgiving as well.  It’s very versatile.  I got it from Lulu’s a while ago in the…

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    Pink Sheer Floral Top

    TOP: Blossom Brigade  |  PANTS: H&M  |  SHOES: Lulu’s  |  BAG: Forever 21  |  RESIN HAIR CLIP: Dollar Tree  |  BEADED BOBBY PIN: H&M (available in store, on sale)           This beautiful top is new to my store, Blossom Brigade.  It’s self-drafted, and hand sewn.  I fully designed and made it myself.  I fell in love with the fabric and instantly wanted to make a little mock-neck top.  I originally wanted it to be long sleeve but it took a while to make the pattern and I thought it would be better to make it short sleeved.  This one is for me, and just the sample.…

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    Tie Dye Tee & Matching Sunglasses

    TEE: Target  |  JEANS: H&M  |  NECKLACE: Local Eclectic  |  BAG: T.J. Maxx  |  SUNGLASSES: Target           This cute tee is from Target, I got it recently from my sister.  I saw it in the store and really wanted it, but didn’t end up buying it.  A few weeks later my sister asks me if I wanted it because she had two.  It just happened to be the same one that I really wanted, so of course I said yes.  What I really like about it is the style and unusual dye pattern.  It’s just not the type of tie dye tee you see everyday.  It…

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    Blue Bobble-Sleeve Sweater

    SWEATER: Moon & Maddison (T.J. Maxx)  |  JEANS: H&M  |  SHOES: Lulu’s  |  NECKLACE: Local Eclectic  |    SUNGLASSES: Target           I came across this sweater last week at T.J. Maxx in the clearance section.  I had seen it earlier in the winter and wanted it.  Right now it is marked down to $6.  I can’t believe I got it for such an affordable price.  It comes in other colors as well.  I love this blue color so much though.  I think there was also white and rust.  I love the sleeve detail the most.  Anything resembling a bobble or pom pom call my name.  I…

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    Multicolor Striped Blazer

    BLAZER: Anthropologie (still available in store)  |  JEANS: Asos  |  T-SHIRT: H&M  |  BOOTS: Circus by Sam Edelman  |  BACKPACK: Sole Society  |  NECKLACE: souvenir from Hawaii           This blazer was one of my birthday presents this year that I picked out for myself.  I’ve been wanting a striped blazer for so long.  I love the colors in this one.  It’s also really lightweight so it’s easy to wear.  I think striped blazers are really fun to style.  They can spruce up so many outfits.  I could pair this with a skirt, shorts, dress, etc.  I decided to wear it with my mom jeans because I…

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    Loverbeauty Waist Trainers

    Loverbeauty Neoprene Sweat Waist Slim Shaper Shorts           Hey guys! Today I am talking about Loverbeauty waist trainers.  I know there is a time in almost every woman’s life when she can use one of these.  There are different types for different occasions.  Loverbeauty has so many options of styles and they come in different colors as well.  You may be going to some sort of event where you have to dress up and want your waist to be more smooth.  That’s what I would wear one for if I was to wear one.  They seem very convenient for the kind of dresses that are made of…

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    Ruffled One-Piece

    SWIMSUIT: H&M  |  SHORTS: Zara  |  SUNGLASSES: Zero U.V.  |  EARRINGS: Kate Spade  | BEACH BAG: Bath and Body Works (gift)          I got this swimsuit about a month and a half ago from H&M.  I fell in love with the fabric and style.  I actually bought it in a small and had to return it and get an extra small.  It’s only available online, but it is so pretty.  I’ve been looking for more one-piece swimsuits because I feel like they are more comfortable than bikinis.  The only thing that kind of bothers me about this suit is that it is too high-cut, otherwise it would…

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    A Day in Santa Barbara

    DRESS: See You Monday  |  BAG: T.J. Maxx (similar cute ones)   |  SANDALS: Forever 21  |  NECKLACE: Made myself, supplies from Hobby Lobby  |  HEADBAND: H&M (similar)  |  SUNGLASSES: T.J. Maxx           My husband and I took a little day trip to Santa Barbara yesterday.  It’s only an hour and a half from Los Angeles and we haven’t really spent much time there.  When we came to California on vacation several years ago we visited a beach in Santa Barbara.  I’m pretty sure that’s all I had done there.  I’ve been wanting to go back just to see the city and explore the area.  I have to…

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    My Favorite Jewelry Pieces Part 2

    Earrings from my wedding: T.J. Maxx  Ring from Wish (it’s surprisingly good quality) Pearl floral earrings: Asos Temporary Wedding Band: Local Eclectic (still need to get the real one that goes with my ring) Wedding ring for times when I don’t want to risk ruining my real one: Etsy Horn or moon opal earrings: Local Eclectic (gift from my husband) Opal necklace: Gift from my aunt from when I was a little kid Hoop earrings: Nordstrom Rack Sample Sale Faux tourmaline earrings: T.J. Maxx Super sparkly purple studs: Kate Spade New York           A few years ago I did a post about my favorite jewelry pieces.  Since then,…