Take Me to the Beach

Romper: Sparks and Fade
Sunnies: Jennifer Lopez

For me, the beach feels like home.  I go often.  I love wearing effortless, but stylish outfits when I do.  I have to feel comfortable running around, and my swimsuit has to fit under my outfit, without looking lumpy.  Sometimes swimsuits have ties or ruffles that look strange under clothing.  It’s a pet peeve of mine when it looks weird.  My beach cover also has to be cute and stylish.  I usually go for a romper or dress because of these reasons.  This romper, by Sparkle and Fade, is basically perfect.  I love the colors and design of the fabric.  The black trim is also super cool.  Interesting piece of info: the pavilion behind me was part of the set for the movie Public Enemies, with Johnny Depp, playing John Dillinger.  When I was a lifeguard here, we got to hang out for the filming.  The pavilion has been around for a very long time.  The real John Dillinger crossed paths with it in his days.

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