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The Best Parts of 2022: What I’m Thankful For

          This post is an updated version of this post from 2020.  I don’t have many resolutions this year because I just have a few big ones so I wanted to reflect on all of the great things that happened in 2021.  I will quickly mention my resolutions in case anyone is curious.  I want to go to Japan, buy a house, and start my own business.  I don’t know how realistic two of those things are so I’m kind of nervous to put them out there.  Now, onto the 2021 recap.  This list was actually really hard to narrow down because I did a lot of little fun things like visiting new parks, gardens, beaches, and restaurants that I didn’t include.  Basically, anytime I’m not working is a highlight for me.  I also got a new job as an assistant swimwear designer but I can’t put that on this list because it’s work.  

-I started the year off by going to Anza-Borrego State Park.  The slot canyon was super cool.  

-Then I went on this really cool balloon that is like a hot air balloon.  It’s free and I’d love to go again.  It’s called the Great Park Balloon Ride.  

-We went camping at Joshua Tree and stayed in the Jumbo Rocks campground. It was amazing sleeping under the stars.  I love camping there and have been wanting to stay at that campground for a long time. 

-I visited a lot of botanical gardens.  I think I’ve officially visited all of the ones around me that I’ve been wanting to see.  

-I went on a trip with my sisters to Hawaii.  This was one of my main highlights of the year.  

-I’m putting this in a separate line because it’s a major bucket list thing for me.  I went snorkeling with manta rays.  Yes, it happened in Hawaii.  

-I went to Disneyland with my husband’s family.  I love Disney and it was so fun.  

-I got my other dog, Stella! This was another major highlight for me.

-I returned to San Diego.  I love San Diego and I’m always happy to go back.   

-I visited the Getty Villa and the Getty Center.  These are two places I’ve been wanting to see.  

-I visited one of my three favorite towns in California, Solvang.  I can’t get enough of it.  We also stopped at Santa Barbara on the way home.  

-I visited one of my other top 3 favorite towns a couple of times, Laguna.  I literally love Laguna so much.  If I won the lottery and could live anywhere, I might choose Laguna Beach.  

-We had a lot of visitors, which is always fun.  My sisters came a few times, My parents, my in-laws, and my other sister all visited at various points in the year.  

-I took a pretty big trip that I’ve been trying to go on for a few years.  I went to Yellowstone, Glacier, Grand Tetons, Banff in Canada, and some other National Parks.  Banff was my favorite.  I visited 3 new states and have finally been to 49.  I only need to visit Alaska.

-I went back to Big Bear Lake for the day.  It’s fun to go see the leaves in fall.   

-I went back to Disney but visited California Adventure for the first time.  

-I finally went surfing.  I’ve been wanting to go surfing for almost 5 years, since moving to California but just kept putting it off.  I’ve literally had a brand new board sitting in my closet for years, unused.  I definitely need to go more this year.  


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