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The Huntington Library and Gardens

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DRESS: Blu Pepper  |  BOOTS: Circus by Sam Edelman  |  SUNGLASSES: Glik’s

          Today I went to the Huntington Library and Gardens for a late birthday celebration.  I was planning to go on my birthday weekend but it was closed for some reason.  We went to Big Bear instead.  I still wanted to go to the botanical gardens because I went a year ago and loved it.  I have been wanting to return ever since.  I’m sure you know by now I am a huge garden lover and this one is massive.  If you like gardens too, you should check it out.  

          It is a bit pricy to get in but it’s worth the price.  I think the entrance fee might fluctuate but for us it was $29 each.  That does include parking though.  These gardens are the type that have several different themed sections.  There is a Chinese garden, Japanese garden, Australian garden, tropical garden, cactus garden, rose garden, herb garden, a green house, and some other smaller garden areas.  You can spend hours here.  My favorite spot is the Chinese garden.  It’s the one in these photos that has the pond, where I am on the bridge.  It’s so beautiful and unique.  I feel like whoever planned this out is truly a genius.  This is one of my favorite gardens that I have been to.  

          I wore this fun dress that I got recently.  I love the color and fabric.  I am always drawn to the type of fabric that has dots on it like Swiss dot and clip dot fabric.  Also, this color is my absolute favorite.  This dress is a tiny bit too large, even thought it’s supposed to be oversized.  I had to get it in a medium because they didn’t have a small.  I wish it was slightly smaller but it doesn’t bother me too much because it’s a lose fit anyway.  

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