The Louvre

JEANS: Asos  |  TOP: Target  |  JACKET: Walmart  |  PURSE: Michael Kors  |  BOOTS: Primark
          This day in paris we went to the Louvre.  Honestly, I wanted to go to see the building itself, more than the art inside.  It’s so enormous and incredible.  The architect that designed the pyramids also designed the art museum at the college that I went to (Indiana University).  It was just kind of surreal to see everything in real life, including the Mona Lisa.  We made sure to be there right at opening because we wanted to get to the Mona Lisa before it got too crowded and take pictures outside.  If you want to see it up close, you have to get there at opening and go straight there.  You can tell in my pictures just how crowded the room got about an hour after opening.  The picture with me next to the painting was taken right when we got there and the picture with all of the people was taken when we went back into that room later.  We didn’t see everything at the Louvre because that is basically impossible.  It’s the largest art museum in the world.  We did see quite a bit though.  


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