Theme Park Attire

Shorts: Forever 21
Top: About a Girl
Mini Backpack: Vera Wang
Rings: Global Gifts-made in Peru and Forever 21
          Last week was a special week.  I took off of work Wednesday and went to Great America, with my family.  I decided to do a blog post about it because after walking around the park, I noticed almost everyone there was wearing very casual clothing.  Probably about 3/4 of the people were wearing gym shoes (tugboats, as I call them).  Just because you are going to a theme park, does not mean you have to dress like you are going to work out.  It’s just kind of boring to look at.  It would be nice to see some people in normal clothing at least, if they aren’t going to dress up a bit.  I wore this floral, cropped top and high-waisted shorts.   I found it to be the perfect outfit for a theme park.  It’s just casual enough that I don’t have to worry about any clothing malfunctions.  Also, it was a bit chilly.  You can roll the sleeves down if it gets cold.  Sorry about the fuzzy pics.  I didn’t want to use my good camera in the park.    


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