In rose gazebo with pomeranian

Tie Dye Tee & Matching Sunglasses

cool trees
rose gazebo

TEE: Target  |  JEANS: H&M  |  NECKLACE: Local Eclectic  |  BAG: T.J. Maxx  |  SUNGLASSES: Target

          This cute tee is from Target, I got it recently from my sister.  I saw it in the store and really wanted it, but didn’t end up buying it.  A few weeks later my sister asks me if I wanted it because she had two.  It just happened to be the same one that I really wanted, so of course I said yes.  What I really like about it is the style and unusual dye pattern.  It’s just not the type of tie dye tee you see everyday.  It is still available if anybody is interested.  Another really fun thing about this top is that it happens to matching my sunglasses perfectly.  My sunnies are the exact same color combo and have a tie dye effect to them.  They were also from Target so I think they are actually supposed to match.  My outfit is pretty basic but I really like it for everyday casual wear.  

           I was planning on going for a hike but ended up going to a new park.  THIS is the park that I went to.  It was a pretty nice little park, overlooking the marshes near Marina Del Rey.  There is a path that goes along the rim and some benches to eat at.  There are lots of flowers and it’s just a pretty nice spot.  


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