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          Since it’s either spring break or almost spring break for most people I’ve decided to put together a list of some of my tips to save on travel for those of you planning a last minute vacation.  I will probably do a part two of this somewhere down the road but this is what I have for now.  I know i’m not the most traveled person in the world but I have done quite a bit in my lifetime and I feel like it’s enough to share what I do.  My trips are usually super jam packed because I always try to see as much as possible.  I usually come home from a vacation being more tired than when I left but it’s worth it to see as much as you can to save money.  Always set a budget before you start planning so you have an idea of what you want to spend.  


          As far as airfare goes, i’m normally pretty good at finding a cheap deals.  You just can’t be too picky.  That may mean flying budget airlines (keep baggage and seating fees in mind when booking). Lately I have really only been using Skyscanner to search for airfare.  I love how it shows you the cheapest options because you can compare days.  Google Flights also does this.  If you aren’t too strict on the days you travel you can always get a good deal.  Another great thing about Skyscanner is that if you don’t care where you go, you can just search anywhere, anytime.  Then if will show you all of the cheapest places.  This is how I found my roundtrip flights to London for $350 and my roundtrip flights to Las Vegas for $70.  I usually book pretty far in advance just because I get anxious.  Be sure to put your browser on private.  I am constantly scouring travel sites just because I think it’s fun.  I think that’s a good way to find cheap flights.  Check often.  

          Cruises can be a good option if you want to see a lot of countries quickly.  You normally only get one day at each place but it’s much cheaper than flying to each destination.  They can be super touristy and sometimes a bit hectic but worth it in certain circumstances.  I think the one with the best deals to the Caribbean is Carnival and NCL is good for the Mediterranean.  


          Eating out can really add up on vacations.  I normally try to book a hotel that has a free breakfast just because breakfast is my least favorite meal.  I hate paying for it.  I don’t really like many breakfast foods but I’m always hungry in the morning.  I really like eating out when I travel to try different restaurants.  It’s always a good idea to share meals with people because portions are normally huge and a lot of the time you can’t really store leftovers.  Of course you can also grocery shop but that often ends up being complicated when it comes to preparation.  It’s really good to stock up on snacks though to avoid buying extra meals.  I normally only eat out 1-2 times a day.  


          I almost always stay in hotels/motels or camp.  A lot of people use Airbnb, which I personally don’t like.  I feel like if you are traveling with more than one person Airbnb or hostels just end up being more expensive than hotels because they often charge per person.  Hotels are a flat rate, so you can split the price.  Additionally Airbnb has a bunch of fees added on that hotels don’t have.  If you are into staying in somebody’s house Airbnb may be a good bet for you, it’s just not for me.  I normally try to book my hotels through because they have a lot of sales and a rewards program.  When you book 10 stays you get the next night free.  I’ve actually gotten many free nights from that site.  I also check other comparative price sites and only book through when it is cheaper or only a bit more.  They also have Cyber Monday deals.  If you are road tripping camping is a super cheap option.  I will normally just treat the campground like a hotel and still eat out or something rather than bringing a bunch of cookies supplies.  However, I normally bring a french press to save on coffee.  Private campground are normally nicer than State and National but very often cost more.  State and National Parks usually have more exciting things to do.  Sometimes you have to pay to reserve a site but it’s almost always the cheapest option.  

          When it comes to entertainment I always like to do a lot of research.  It’s good to plan ahead and look at reviews for packages and tours.  Sometimes you can save money by booking in advance.  A lot of people like to go on a trip, go with the flow and not plan too much.  In my opinion there is nothing worse than finding out you missed out on something super cool because you didn’t know about it.  Planning is key to saying money and making the most of your trip.  

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