Dress: Jennifer Lopez
Sandals: Target
Purse: Target
Hat & Ring: Forever 21
Necklace: My own (similar one soon to be on Etsy)
     Weeping willows are my second favorite trees (after palm trees).  I can’t help but walk under one, if I pass by.  Today I wore this black crochet lace dress by Jennifer Lopez.  Normally, I wouldn’t wear something Jennifer Lopez brand because they are always too big for me.  Also, like I previously said, I don’t like Kohl’s very much.  This one was returned to the store and bought online.  It is a petite size, so it fits much better.  It was also marked down because of these things, and I was looking for a baby doll style dress.  I love this hat.  It is one of the only styles of hats that I am able to wear.  It also happens to be my favorite style.  I picked these sandals up at Target.  I love how they go with both black and brown.  It makes them very versatile.  I’m not sure if they are cheetah or leopard pattern though.  If you can tell the difference please tell me how, because I don’t know.  

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