Valentines Day Look

Yesterday Was Valentines
Day.  My boyfriend and I decided to have a pretty casual day, since I had
to work.  We just went to lunch at Red Lobster (I’m obsessed with
seafood).  I also made him a heart-shaped pizza, since pizza is his
favorite food.  I chose to wear this heart crop-top from Macy’s, my floral
bodycon skit from Target, my grey tights from Topshop, and my new heart-shaped
sunnies from Charolette Russe.  My bracelets are mostly made by me, with
exception of the watch and the bangle by Vera Wang. My spiked headband was also
my own design.  My oxford shoes are from T.J. Maxx. Can’t forget my new
squirrel necklace that I made, since I <3 squirrels.  I also made the
heart key necklace.

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