Tank: Jennifer Lopez
Shorts: Mudd
Necklace: From Hawaii
Sunnies: Charolette Russe
Sandals: Forever 21
I’ve wanted some of these shorts with the lace on the sides all summer.  I found these at Kohl’s.  They were particularly cool because of the floral AND lace.  I have also been wanting floral denim shorts.  They only way they could get any better is if they were high-wasted.  Kohl’s is definitely not one of my favorite stores, because it’s normally lacking is style and quality. From time to time there will be a good find.  I chose to wear this lace tank top with it because it has the same antique feel.  Normally, I wouldn’t condone mixing laces but in this case I would say it is fine because the lace on the short is so minimal.  Also, they are the same color.  I think it’s very difficult to find a way to wear two different laces together.  Comment if you have any advice or thoughts.  

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