Urban Lights
Los Angeles

Visiting LACMA, Art Museum

Urban Lights
rainbow art

          After finally having visited LACMA, I can say that it’s a fun museum.  I’m not super into art museums, I never really have been.  It’s probably because I didn’t really visit them a lot growing up.  I went to tons of science museums, zoos, and aquariums.  I’m just not that into art.  Anyway, I did really enjoy this museum.  There are some fun sculptures like “Urban Lights” and “Levitated Mass.”  Both of those you can actually visit for free, without having to enter the museum.  There are also a lot of famous pieces, including many from Picasso.  I don’t think I have ever seen his work in real life.  The museum is spread out into a couple of different buildings and doesn’t require too much time.  Here are some tips:

  1. Go when it’s free if you’re an L.A. county resident.  I honestly don’t think it’s worth paying for unless you really love art museums.  It’s free every weekday after 3:00pm.  You still need to get tickets though.  
  2. Parking is $20.00 but you can park in metered parking.  There is 2 hour parking all around the museum in the street.  Two hours was just enough time for us to see everything.  The metered parking was even free for us because we went on a holiday.  
  3. Be sure to reserve tickets in advance.  I’m not sure if you can buy them at the door but you can get them online.  That’s what we did.  
  4. Wear your walking shoes, obviously. 
  5. To get the best photos of “Urban Lights” take them when the sun starts to set or get low in the sky.  That’s when you can really see the lamps light up but it’s still bright enough to see you in the photo.  

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