Welcome to Canada

Driving into Canada

down river at Kakabeka Falls

Marina at Thunder Bay

Sleeping Giant Provincial Park

Pukaskwa National Park
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TOP: Topshop
PURSE: Marc by Marc Jacobs
          Getting back to blog posts from my summer road trip, our next stop was Canada.  We drove over the border from Minnesota, into Ontario.  The first thing we saw was this beautiful field of yellow flowers, surrounded by mountains.   After that, we visited Kakabeka Falls.  It is a huge, horseshoe shaped waterfall.  Somehow, I didn’t manage to get any picture of the front of the falls.  I guess I was just in awe and forgot, lol.  Next, we ate dinner at a Thai restaurant in Thunder Bay.  We walked along the marina, where there was a festival going on with live music.  It was really interesting to see a summer festival in another country because it was actually pretty chilly but it was a typical summer day for them.  I don’t think I could stand living in Canada because it’s way too cold for me.  It’s fun to visit though.  That was my fourth time to Canaday, and it’s always different whenever I go.  
          We visit three major parks in Canada.  Two of them are in this post.  The first one was Sleeping Giant Provincial Park.  There are huge cliffs that shoot out over lake Superior.  We didn’t realize that the main trail was a full day hike, though.  We didn’t get to do any super long trails because we didn’t have the necessary hiking gear or time.  There is this amazing platform that you can walk out on, that hangs out over the cliff.  It’s somewhere around 300 ft. up.  I don’t remember exactly how tall it is.  It was actually really scary!  The last spot in this post is Pukaskwa National Park.  It was so beautiful there! There are so many fun trails with cliffs and rocks to climb on.  The water is really blue and clear too.  I’ll include more from that park in my next post.  


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