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What to Wear This Summer for Hot Weather

black and white wall LA
Wicker bag from H&M
shirred top
headband and earrings
TOP: Target  |   SHORTS: Target  |  HEADBAND: Nordstrom Rack  |  EARRINGS: Primark  |  BAG: H&M 

          Since the weather here in California has gotten much hotter, I have been trying to find new outfit combos that look cool and allow me to stay cool.  I found this top a few months ago at Target.  What really attracted me was the color.  This seafoam color is my absolute, all-time favorite color.  I also love that it is shirred and has the tie straps.  I’ve been really loving shirring lately, like I said in another post.  I feel like I should have gotten one size larger perhaps, but it’s fine.  It’s such a small and lightweight shirt that I don’t get too sweaty in hot weather.  I paired it with these beige shorts because I love the color combo.  I also feel like the extra bit at the top of the shorts helps to cover my skin that I don’t necessarily want out.  I feel like the accessories that I chose just go really well with this outfit.  

          I love to wear little cropped tops in hot weather.  I sometimes feel like they are kind of revealing and if it’s hot out I feel much more comfortable in them.  They also help keep me cool because they have less fabric, nothing to tuck in or too many layers.  They are just simple to style.  My go-to on the bottom is a skirt or some basic shorts.  I have really been liking shorts that have more of a paper bag waistline because they look cutesy.  The fabric is less thick than denim too.  That really helps me keep cool.  What is your go-to for hot weather?

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