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Why You Should Have a Bucket List


           I’ve had a bucket list since sometime in High School.  I have always liked the idea of keeping track of my life goals.  I am a huge list-maker.  I am definitely the type of person that loves to have diverse experiences too.  I feel like having a list just helps you to stay on track for accomplishing as much as you can in life.  It kind of ensures that you have fun and do what you love to do.  If you are bored or you have a birthday coming up it’s nice to have a list that you can look at to accomplish something you really want to do.  I am always looking at it, trying to think of ways to check another thing off.  On the flip side, I know a lot of the things on my list may not be realistic so I won’t be too sad if I never accomplish them.  It just helps me to strive to live a good and fun life.  I am always adding to my list because I always think of things.  Or as I age, the things I want in life change a little bit too.  I think that’s okay.  When I accomplish something I check it off instead of deleting it because it’s more satisfying to look back at.  Also, I must add that there are tons of places that I want to visit and things I want to see and do but I don’t add them to my list because it would be way too long.  I just add the most significant ones.  Here is my list so far:

Bucket List

-Take a hot air balloon ride
-See the castles of Germany
-✓ Try a churro (that’s on there because I realized I had never had one and just wanted to try one)

-Travel to the main continents
-✓ Ride a tandem bike

-Try water skiing
-Visit Machu Picchu
-✓ See manta Rays

-✓ Take a spontaneous vacation

-✓ See the Nutcracker Ballet

-Visit Greece
-Go to all 50 states
-✓ See a whale while whale watching

-Eat pizza in Italy
-Fly paper lanterns
-✓ Go to all 5 Great Lakes

-Buy a cuckoo clock in Europe
-Meet Taylor Swift
-See Cinque Terre
-See a wild kangaroo
-✓ Go to the Eiffel Tower

-See flamingos in the wild
-Visit an elephant sanctuary
-Experience 24hr daylight
-See the Northern Lights
-Japan for cherry blossom season
-Attend a fashion week in any city
-✓ Napali Coast

-Go on a safari in Africa
-Experience zero gravity (in a zero gravity plane)
-Go to all the Disney Parks
-Ride an Alps Coaster or mountain coaster
-High Tea in England
-✓ See bioluminescence

-Mine opal
-Go to the top of the tallest building (currently Burj Khalifa)
-Visit an amethyst cave
-Visit all of the reasonably accessible U.S. National Parks (not many in Alaska)
-✓ Fly in a helicopter

-Visit the town from The Sound of Music
-Start a fashion label
-Go to a Christmas Market in Europe
-Own a designer bag
-Learn French (to a conversational level)
-Own a boat
-Try a stand-up paddleboard


  • the creation of beauty is art.

    These are such fantastic goals. And it is really impressive that you've already checked so many of them off your list. I know you will complete your bucket list 🙂
    the creation of beauty is art.

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