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Winter Bucket List

winter bucket list

          I always love the idea of coming up with a bucket list of fun things to do for certain events, such as seasons.  They really help me to make the most out of life.  I have come up with this list for this winter, since winter technically starts in a few days.  I probably won’t actually do all of these things this year because I don’t live in a cold climate anymore and a lot of things are closed where I live.  I know some areas have a lot of activities open though and this doesn’t necessarily have to only be for 2020.  So far I have done six activities on this list.  I look forward to trying to work my way through this list during the next few months.  I doubt I will be able to sled, ice skate, polar plunge, or go to a museum this year, sadly.  Let me know if you have any fun activities to add to this bucket list. 

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