Zaful Dress Wishlist

Rose Print Dress
Lace Midi Dress
Flare Sleeve Dress
Lace Dress
Off-The-Shoulder Dress

          These beautiful midi-length dresses are from Zaful.  You can shop them on the website, where you can find two pages of midi dresses with sleeves.  These are my favorites.  I love the midi-length dress trend.  I especially love boho style midi length dresses.  I feel like they just have an extra element of “cool” to them.  The second and third dresses are perfect examples of this.  It’s amazing that all of these dresses have long sleeves too because it’s obviously still winter.  The first one is beautiful because it’s a very classic style, made from floral fabric.  I love the last one because it looks kind of summer-y and nautical.  That’s a style I am always drawn to because I can closely identify with it.  The second to last dress was chosen because of the fabric.  I love the color of the lace.  I just think it’s really pretty.

*This post is in collaboration with Zaful


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