Zaful Midi Dress Wishlist

          These three awesome midi dresses are from Zaful.  They have a huge assortment of midi dresses to choose from.  I selected some of my favorites to show you guys.  Since the weather is going to be getting chillier soon, I though midi dresses would be appropriate for late summer.  

          I selected the first one because it resembles a Self Portrait dress.  I love Self Portrait and this kind of lacy style.  The fabric is just beautiful.  I love the fabric of the second dress as well.  The colors and print are so cool.  The style is a little bit boho.  The third dress is super pretty because it’s gold.  Who doesn’t love gold? I’ve been looking for a gold dress to wear for my upcoming birthday because it’s my “golden birthday.” I’m looking for something similar to this but I want it to have sleeves.  

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